​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We are available by appointments only

Starting January 1st 2019

Our Placement Options will be Discontinued


Any Pheasant over 1-Day Old has to be picked up at our farm.

(Transportation Containers are Customer Responsibility)

We Are Open By Appointments Only

Available April-July

Available July-October

Cash Payments are Preferred 

We also accept 

 *Convenience Fees Apply*

Full Payments are required to hold any order

Available November-January/February

Available April & May

Full Grown Birds

20 Week Old Birds


Flight Ready

We Specialize In 

Breeding, Hatching, and Raising Ringneck Pheasants


Yes, we only raise ringneck pheasants and no other game birds

​We are not a preserve, club, or dog trainer by any means


Pheasants can be sold at any age pending availability and time of year

Pre-Orders are always encouraged to allow preparation before/during production

Bringing Ringneck  Pheasants back home one customer at a time

Day Old Chicks

Can Be Picked Up


Shipped To Qualified 1-Day Locations

Hatching Eggs 

Can Be Picked Up


Shipped Through The Mail

Starter Birds

6-12 Weeks of Age

Off Heat Lamps


Outside Ready

2021 Prices

Hatching Eggs- $10/Dozen

Day Old- $2

6 Weeks- $5.25

12 Weeks- $8.25 

16 Weeks- $10.25 

20 Weeks (FULL GROWN)- $12.50 

On December 25th add $.02/bird/day

For more prices & availability please call

No refunds. Prices are subject to change without notice.