Cash Payments are Preferred 

We also accept 

 *Convenience Fees Apply*

50% Down Payments are required to hold any order

Available July-October

Available October-January/February

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We are available every day of the year by appointment only.

Starting January 1st 2019

Our Placement Options will be discontinued.


Available April-June

Bringing Ringneck  Pheasants back home one customer at a time

Open everyday of the year by Appointment

Pre-Orders are always encouraged to allow preparation before/during production

Full Grown Birds

20 Week Old Birds


Flight Ready

We Specialize In 

Breeding, Hatching, and Raising Ringneck Pheasants


Yes, we only raise ringneck pheasants and no other game birds

​We are not a preserve, club, or dog trainer by any means


Pheasants can be sold at any age pending availability and time of year

Available April-July

Day Old Chicks

Can Be Picked Up


Shipped To Qualified 1-Day Locations

Any Pheasant over 1-Day Old has to be picked up at our farm.

(Transportation Containers are Customer Responsibility)

Hatching Eggs 

Can Be Picked Up


Shipped Through The Mail

Starter Birds

6-12 Weeks of Age

Off Heat Lamps


Outside Ready

2020 Prices

Hatching Eggs- $10/Dozen

Day Old- $2

6 Weeks- $5.25

12 Weeks- $8.25 

16 Weeks- $10.25 

20 Weeks (FULL GROWN)- $12.25

On December 25th add $.02/bird/day

For more prices & availability please call

No refunds. Prices are subject to change without notice.