Our Story

Bringing Ringneck  Pheasants back home one customer at a time

From the fields of the wildlife to your own backyard.

Its a childhood adventure now making it a year round experience!  

Ringneck Pheasants have fascinated founder Nick Zabala, as long as he can remember. From the time he was a kid, always running off the school bus to see how well his father's hunts were. Even though some hunts were better than most, he was always excited to hear his father's stories.


As  a teenager, he received a shot gun for Christmas and knew it was time he was finally going to hunt with his dad. As Nick got older, hunting with his father and friends inspired him to start a pheasant farm. The purpose was to inspire fathers and future fathers to start the same experiences he received as a child. Hunting with his dad as a child and adult is the memory he will always cherish and never forget.