Bringing Ringneck  Pheasants back home one customer at a time

We Are Open By Appointments Only


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Training Your Dog? 

Are you tired of wasting time looking for birds the state releases and coming up empty?  Are you fed up with bag limits? Sick of paying a fortune at preserves? Don't have time to join a club? Don't have land to train on?

Do you want to train your dog at your leisure any time of year? 

Here at SHPF we have found a solution to your problems!

 Our farm is 5 minutes away from public dog training grounds of 100+ acres!

Not to mention it is free to use!!

This is how it works:

Purchase birds at our farm and place said birds the way that works for you and your dog. You would have to provide your on transportation container and if you're not sure how to place birds, we can teach you!



The Rules are as Follows: 

Ohio Hunting License Required

No more than 3 Firearms per Dog 

Open to Ohio Residents*

​Hens and Roosters are Allowed

(ODNR tags will be given free of charge)

 No Bag Limits

Open Year-Round

Orange Recommended