( All Orders Require 50% Down Payment Minimum)

Open everyday of the year by appointments only

P​lease keep in mind for the future that 
CONTRACTS/PRE-ORDERS help us plan on how many birds we raise in the spring/summer months

Before purchasing any gamebirds such as pheasants, check your local wildlife laws and regulations as they do vary from state to state.

Call for Availability

Hatching Egg minimums are 1 Dozen
Chick shipments available in 25, 50, or 100 counts 

(to qualified 1-day shipping  locations)
Please contact for shipping quotes
When picking up there is a 6 chick minimum

All chick orders are straight-run

Available Late Fall

Everything is done  from hatching to raising on our farm!!


Due To COVID-19

Production on All Stages of Birds Will Be Limited for the Entire 2020 Season

​Pre-Orders Are Highly Recommended


2020 Day Old Chicks & Hatching Eggs

(All Orders Require 50% Down Payment Minimum)

NPIP Certified: 31-793

More Than Just Pheasants 


Adult birds for the 2020 Season will be available in Late Fall.

We are not accepting any more pre-orders at this time.


Started Birds

At 6 weeks of age, heat lamps are discontinued and birds can be put in outside pens.

6-12 weeks old.

Please call for availability on Day Old Chicks 

We are SOLD OUT of Hatching Eggs for 2020

We Start Accepting 2021 Orders in December

Eggs are $10/Doz and Chicks are $2 ea


Out of Stock

At about 20 weeks adults will have full color and feathers and are ready to be released if desired.


Last Chance For Day Old Chicks

For 2020

Will Be Available 7/30 & 8/6

When chicks are born they are put  in a brooder for 6 weeks. While in the brooder they are equipped with a heat lamps.

At Sunrise Harvest Pheasant Farm, we do more than give you Ringneck Pheasants and ship you off on your way. Our farm offers continuous help even after the purchase. Any time you need help, call us!! We are here for you. We will guide you in the right direction to raise your birds.


We offer competitive prices with no pressure sales.  During the year we post specials on our birds. Regardless why you want pheasants, the important thing is to have fun!! We are located off 225 near Berlin Lake near Alliance Ohio.




​​​​​If you are planning on picking up birds in the future, please make

sure you have proper dark transportation containers

Examples: Boxes, Locking Totes, Feed Sacks, Plastic Crates (no metal cages!!!)

Make sure containers have holes! Its nice for the birds to breathe!!

We Proudly Support:

not sure Where to Start?  let us help!


Accepting 2021 Orders 

Starting in December


Hens start to lay eggs in April. They stop laying in late July. Eggs are incubated for 24 days on our farm.

10675 Oyster Rd* Alliance Ohio 44601


Please leave a message if we do not answer.

No Text- this is a Landline Number

Bringing Ringneck  Pheasants back home one customer at a time